Friday, January 29, 2010

We interrupt this trip report...

2 Newsflashes:
1. I'm going to join Bonnie in a 3 week cleanse and am about to zip over to Chapters to see if they have the book I need.  Expect 3 weeks of whining and moaning as I do something that requires a little effort.
2. Yesterday afternoon Dave and I went to London Drugs for a few things.  We each had our own car, as we don't do well when we drive to work in the same vehicle.  Something about different driving styles. Ahem.
Anyhoo - Dave arrived before I did (different driving style) and was already parked and in the door when I got there.  I parked 2 spaces away from his car.  We were in the main parking aisle directly in front of the store, only about 10-12 spaces from the door.  It was late afternoon, but still light out.
We emerged from the store about 20 minutes later. 
Some wonderful soul, a pillar of society no doubt, had punched in the window of Dave's 92 honda civic and stolen his IPOD.  What a loser.  In broad daylight right in front of the store!
Two "look on the bright sides":
 a) Dave got a new larger capacity IPOD for Christmas and hadn't started using it yet.  It was an OLD, beat-up IPOD that tempted the hooligan to break the window. Idiot.  So we were mollified by that.
b) There was something much more valuable in the car, in a container, and the idiot didn't have the time or intelligence to steal it.   We were relieved at that, too.
I guess the real point is that there are idiots out there who will smash in your car window, in broad daylight, just to get something that is worth relatively little, and these same idiots don't always get the big prize.
Dave has created a new window out of plastic and duct tape, and will buy a used window on the weekend and fix it all up.  We didn't have damage or theft insurance on the car because it's old and not worth much.
I don't understand thieves.  I really don't.  But I went home feeling lucky;  it could have been worse.


Christine said...

Yep, thieves are idiots. Years ago Davids car was stolen from outside our flat on a very wet day. The police found it later the same day, only a couple of miles away, undamaged. They said it was probably someone who didn't want to walk home in the rain! Funniest thing was we found various small items in it that didn't belong to use (eg a cassette, an umbrella etc). We said to the police "these aren't ours" and they said "they are now"

Deborah said...

Holy crap, that takes some chutzpah. I spent a few moments imagining Dave's reaction to this little incident. But the most interesting thing about this post was that you and Bonnie are in it together!! I broached the subject of the cleanse with Pierre at lunch yesterday and it ended up becoming a pseudo-intellectual discussion of what 'more energy' actually means. Sigh. I can't get the book over here before Feb 1 as it would have to be ordered online but I will be WATCHING YOU CAREFULLY see if I should jump in and do it at a later date. Also, being the lazy, skeptical person that I am, I wanna see the proof first, and that would be you.

PS the word verification for this is 'penpal'. Why am I so easily entertained by things like this???

Kathryn said...

If they left an umbrella in the car, they could have walked home in the rain! Lazy!

Dave says he drove around the parking lot looking for hooligans. I asked what he would have done if he'd seen them breaking someone else's window. He says he would have "put the boots to them". Ack - it's just as well that he didn't find them.
As for the cleanse, I WILL be the proof, because if I can stick to it and feel better I will go on and on about it and try to convert everyone else. I've already told Dave he can't do it as it involves giving up alcohol. He remarked, "that's a mighty big gauntlet you've thrown down there".
So, we'll see. In the meantime there's nothing to stop you from ordering the book and just doing your best until it arrives. Lots of recipes on the internet!