Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trip to the Island, Part 2

Ferry line-up at dawn....

I didn't take any pictures while on the ferry.  I'm just so used to settling down with a book and beverage.  Dave and I sat there in companionable silence for most of the trip.   Weve been married for 25 years now and no longer need to talk.  If I want something I glare and expect him to read my mind.  If he wants something, he farts.  Apparently he wants something quite often.

Back to our companiable silence of glares, mind-reading and farts: He with his sudoku, me with my book, "The Children's Book" by A.S. Byatt.  I started it on the ferry and am enjoying it so far.  It's very rich - a sumptuous read (no farts so far).
We arrived in Nanaimo at about 10:30 am, and zoomed up the island highway to beautiful Nanoose Bay.  We were booked in to the Pacific Shores Resort, a time-share/hotel, where our niece works.   She was clever enough to arrange for an early check-in, so we were able to get into the room, run around, open drawers, play with the gas fireplace, flick the TV on and off and on and off...., take pictures, make coffee, make tea, un-set the alarm, figure out which light switch was connected to which light, jump on the bed, connect to Wi Fi, rent a movie, read about the resort, look for emergency exits, stage a fire drill, run back to the car to see if we locked it, run back to the car to get my slippers, read the room service menu, unpack, steal smell the soap, try the phone, you know, get comfy. 
We were lucky enough to get a great room - a whole suite, in fact.  It had a separate bedroom, a full kitchen, living room and dining room.   Here are a few pictures of the suite, and the view outside our window.  Delightful little kitchen with fully stocked spice rack!   
View from the hallway through the dining room, living room, and out to the bay.

Jetted tub and heated tile floor.  There's also a separate shower and toilet area.  AND a makeup counter.  My daughter loved this feature when we stayed here for my niece's bridal shower.  (Just thought I'd throw that in there).
The view from our suite - the estuary leading to Nanoose Bay. These time share units are available for something over $80,000 for an eighth share.  We didnt buy one (duh, no really), but it was fun to stay there for a night.   We didnèt get to sample the restaurant; we had lunch with Daveès parents, who live 20 minutes away, and dinner with our niece and her husband.  They are cute young newlyweds.  Our nephew-in-law is a hunter, so he and Dave talked about shooting and killing and maiming and skinning and blood and guts.  Our niece and I talked about other things.  Civilised things.  No blood.
 Back to the pictures:  Did I mention that the weather was very grey and overcast?  A lot of my pictures are this way - wet and sombre. We didn't mind - we were planning on going to the west coast the next day - to Storm Watch!
To be continued....


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow...wouldn't it be neat to stay there forever?? Cute little place!!

Deborah said...

Aaargh...I'm torn between a tiny house and out-and-out luxury!
Loved the first photo, coming down to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, no? It brings back lots of memories of being a kid and believing myself to be in pure heaven to be on the West Coast.
Loved reading about all those people that I know behind the labels - and was right there along with you. Looking forward to the Storm Watch. You guys actually had a little holiday!!!

Annie said...

You're making me homesick! I used to live in Parksville for years...many an afternoon spent walking Rathtrevor Beach.

Have a wonderful time!

Christine said...

It looks and sounds wonderful (apart from the farts)

Kathryn said...

I think there are some people who DO live there all year round. Sigh.

Deb, Luxury is fun, but I couldn't do it full time. I'm too aware of what things cost. Ack. The ferry terminal is such a good place. It means trips and fun and time off and friends...

Oh, Rathtrevor! We drove up from Nanaimo ALL the time! Dave and I had our honeymoon at Tigh-na-Mara. That whole stretch of beach is so fabulous. I miss it too.