Sunday, January 3, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

It's dawning on me that I can't control every little thing in the universe.
Rather than go insane (tried that - not liking it!), I'm now choosing to adapt (oooooh).
Prepare myself to be unprepared.
Acknowledge that's it's all a crap shoot, or if it is a plan, it's certainly not MY plan.

As part of a baby step to learning to be less in control, and more able to go with the flow, I am crocheting an afghan. In bright riotous colours, and not in any particular pattern.
This is a real stretch for me. I love patterns and order and predictability. I love to plan.
However, in order to grow and survive in this chaotic world, I need to be a bit more comfortable with "Random".

Yes, the afghan is made up of same-sized units (so it will actually fit together and lay flat), but the units are all random combinations of colours, and the finished affair is almost certain to clash with every room in my house!

Talk about an earth-shattering development in my little world. I don't even know how big the thing will be or when I'll decide to stop adding to it. Much against my nature I have so far refrained from doing the math to calculate the amount of yarn needed per hexagon, and therefore the finished size. I bought 15 balls of yarn and I'll see how far I get. And....I'm allowing a guest crocheter to do a few hexes and mail them to me. HER random colours won't even go with MY random colours! My world is flying off it's orbit as I type this!

Wish me luck. I wonder what my next baby step will be? Cooking supper without a recipe? Letting the machine choose my lottery numbers? Whoa - one step at a time.

Kathryn : )
P.S. I must give credit to Lucy, for inspiration and instruction. Never met her, but like her already!


Von said...

I like how you're tiptoeing into new territory, Kathryn. Don't think you can go wrong with those bright, beautiful colors, no matter how they all come together. :)

Deborah said...

You're probably headed straight for hell, Kath. But you'll have a delicious time there! I can vouch for the pleasure of spontaneity and unplanned occurences, along with disorganization, distraction, untidyness, randomness of all sorts and exhausting it can all be.
I seriously doubt you're going to be able to keep it up, actually, but once in a while is good for you!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I love how it's going!! Keep going!!

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet that: 100 years from now, some needlearts expert will find your random work of art and
define and describe in great detail the planning and order that went into it. Hugs, viv

Christine said...

Random is good. Embrace the chaos ;)

Jo said...

You have the prettiewt masthead in the blogosphere. :-)

I always like to "color outside the box" so I think your afghan is going to be wonderful.

Nancy said...

LOL! Live it up! I'm kind of doing the same thing with an afgan I'm doing for my little hippy daughter. It started off multi-colored, but I ran out of yarn, now it has orange on each end. Oh well, she's a hippie.

Love your picture at the top. It's so colorful.

Shattered said...

As a fellow crocheter, well done! Those colors may appear to be chaotic but they really are beautiful.

Kathryn said...

Thanks all, for viewing and embracing the riot of colour, and not making fun of my very small step towards going with the flow. It's going slowly, but surely!