Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchen View

I love my kitchen.  Before we did this renovation there was only solid wall here.  Now we look out to the ravine every day and usually see birds and squirrels, or the occasional raccoon or coyote.
Even when no animals are about, the evergreens are lovely, to me.
The view has been a little different lately, but just as nice. 
(Click to enlarge)

Remember the 'I Spy' books? I could write one of my own here, based on counter top clutter:
I spy some onions, a blender, a cup, a cutting board, cookbook, a towel hanging up.
A mixer, a some lemons, a sugar bowl too, a poinsettia, and plenty to do!

Some butter, and syrup, a small pepper mill, a shiny round teapot that's steeping here still.
Some hand soap, and look at that tiny pink square, my ipod, the 'nano' provides music there. 

Up above are some bird houses, beer steins, a bowl, a rooster and hen, must I fill every hole?
I'm almost done naming; don't go away yet, the corner displays mom's old canister set.
Enough clutter-rhyming for now. I could go on and on....
The rain has started.  The view will be different tomorrow.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The make-up artist

Over a year ago I posted about my daughter here.  She had decided to attend Vancouver Film School to become a make-up artist. 

I worried that she'd find it hard to balance work and school.  I hoped she wouldn't give up.
A year later I can say that she most definitely did not give up.  Somehow, she managed to support herself and not only achieve her goal, but excel.
I am so proud of her!

Here's a  link to read a brief article and see her portfolio.  The work these students do is phenomenal; the corrective and special effects are amazing, and contribute so much to the story.  I don't think I'll ever watch a movie the same way again.

Now school is over and the work of finding a job begins.  Like before, I wish her all the best and I know she'll do well.
If you know our family you may see some familiar faces in the portfolio....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

You will be relieved to see NO picture this time

Well, Happy Gosh Darn New Year!

Today while out at New Year's Day Brunch my husband and I looked out the restaurant window to see at least two naked men changing after a Polar Bear swim.

One was rear view only, but the other was the Full Monty!

I don't know whether to feel uplifted by this, or shriveled.  Maybe I should feel 'in the pink'!
Either way it was good for a giggle; a great way to start a new year.

May 2012 be just as revealing, surprising, eye-opening, and funny for all of you.

P.S. Brunch was good, but I didn't eat any of the sausages.  Just couldn't.