Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As promised....

Toilet on Driveway
For your discussion group: What does the toilet say about the driveway?  What does the driveway say about the toilet?  Discuss the relationship between the toilet and the driveway.  Would things be different if the driveway were on top of the toilet, instead of vice-versa?

Shower Stall in Living Room
(also, old vanity in living room, and pool table in living room)
For your discussion group:  How could the shower have done things differently?  Does the living room NEED the shower to be an effective living room?  What role does the pool table play?

Yes, we are renovating.  Again, still, and always.  I'm not complaining, because my dear husband doses all the work himself.  He is wonderful!  To forestall any smart questions, Yes, he does have clothes on  during the renovations.

See?  Clothes on!
(Our ensuite bathroom, sans fixtures)

One more masterpiece:
New Vanity in Front Hall
For your discussion group: Was it fair for vanity to stop hall from sowing his wild oats? In the end, vanity will leave hall and move in with toilet, right in full view of shower.  Write an alternative ending for the story.
I'll post pictures of the renovation as it happens. I would kill for a DQ blizzard right about now.
Kathryn : )


Christine said...

Its like Pride and Prejudice!
Miss Vanity Bennet initially despised Mr Toilet who was too proud and reserved to come into the house, but was attracted to the more open and lively Mr Hall. Eventually she will discover that Hall has a sordid past and has let many bathroom fittings pass through him, and that Mr Toilet is the one for her.
Will her Sister, Miss Bidet Bennet find true love with Mr Showerstall?
Will Hall elope with Miss Toilet Brush Bennet?
Tune in to the next exciting episode of Kathryn's Bathroom...

Deborah said...


Shattered said...

How exciting things look around your house! Bless your soul, I don't know how you function in the midst of a remodel because I don't know if I could. Thank goodness, though, for a handy husband!

Kathryn said...

Is DQ open in the winter there?

I grew up in Montana & DQ was closed from Oct - May. I guess they figured we had enough blizzards in those months without them.

I'm gonna pass on your open invitation to discuss & write alternate endings. My brain just isn't that creative right now. ;)

Kathryn said...

Happy to make you laugh!
I'm used to the chaos - you should have seen the kitchen/family room reno
Kathryn (this is getting confusing, isn't it?)
Yes, our DQ is open all year round because it's so lukewarm here in west coast Canada. Temps today are in the low-mid 50s F (11C - 12C), while the rest of Canada and a lot of the US and Europe are having cold weather.
By the way, there's a new DQ a few blocks away from me where they actually come to your table and take your order! Whoa!

Anonymous said...

I've found the laugh-track I've been missing. ;} thanks for making me laugh out loud and the dog bark. ;) :)
DQ is open year round here and is busy even in -40 weather. Crazy Canucks.
Love Christine's Bath and Commode installation.