Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Chesterman Beach-last part of trip report

OK, now even I am tired of this three days trip that's taken months to report.
  Still, the beach pics are lovely....
We took only pictures, and left only footprints.

Does this NOT look like a dragon?  What do you see?
My mother-in-law sees a heart, complete with veins and arteries!

A hobbit house?

It's more artsy when you frame the object off-centre.  So I did.
Go ahead - click on it!  A Sand Dollar is a work of art.

Looks like he's walking on water.  Sometimes I think he does.

It's a big beach when the tide is out.  It's starting to clear up here, too.

What's this?  Another (Love) Mussel?
Click to see the colours better.  Sublime!

Another artsy shot.  I like to call it "Broken shell on sand".
Or "Sand under broken shell"
Or "Shell that is broken, above sand that is underneath".
Whatever you call it, it's quite clear, isn't it?
Cliquez-la, s'il vous plait!

...and still another artsy shot: "Barnacles on Rock".
or, perhaps: "Barnacle Ghetto on Lithic Structure (based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire)"
Sorry, couldn't help it.
Click on it anyway.

The waves are lovely,  in they creep,
for they have promises to keep...

and foamy bits to sit and steep,
in artsy photo, very cheap!
(I'm channeling Robert Frost)
Look at all the reflections of the photographer (me) in the bubbles.

Oh!  Finally - a bit of colour.  A jaunty young urchin out for a stroll.
A very slow stroll.  OK stuck there, but waving a bit.
If you haven't clicked before, you could try it now.

But wait, what light from yonder window breaks?
It is the sunset in winter, and there is no window!
"Dave, dave - the sun is out!", I scream.
(But Dave is having a nap in the room, and misses the following spectacular scenes)

"Giant Rock in Winter Sun"

"Foamy Sea in Pinky Glow"
(subtitled: "What are those clouds doing in the background?")
Click, damn you, click like you've never clicked before!

Oh, oh oh, I am AGOG at this! 
"Sun Behind Weird Cloud"

Oh! (Luckily there is no one on the beach to hear the noises I am making)
Oh, oh, oh!
"Goddess of Light behind Cloud-that-looks-like-a-hedgehog-playing-chess-with-a-turtle!"
Clicking on this photo will bring you good luck.

"Sunfish doing Yoga under water against a Rock"

"Two Sunfish Making Foamy Love in a Crevice"
No, wait, is it three?  Who can tell?

"Purple Urchin Craving a Dairy Queen Blizzard"
(I put my heart and soul into these captions, you know.)

"Ululating Undulations"
"Rippley Beach Sand"

and, finally
"Picture taken by Camera Timer to Prove we were here Together!"
Clicking is optional.

The End (of the trip report).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My husband's Love Muscle

While we were at Chesterman Beach, on our trip to the beautiful Wickaninnish Inn,  my husband showed me a Love Muscle.

The beach was fairly deserted, not a soul nearby, and he took me behind the driftwood to show it to me.  You'd think that after 25 years of marriage that the novelty would have worn off, but he still likes to surprise me with exciting sights at odd times.

It was a beautiful thing, glistening softly in the pale winter light.  From a certain vantage point, there was a heart-shaped aspect to it.

You MUST click on the picture to see the true beauty of it.
By the way, he says it's spelled "Mussel", not Muscle".


More beach pictures next time,
Kathryn : )

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beach at the Wickaninnish Inn - or Chesterman Beach (winter 2010)

I've managed to drag out this trip report for over a month; I just didn't want the trip to end.
A two-minute walk from the front door of the Wickaninnish Inn brings you to beautiful Chesterman beach.
These pictures speak for on any to enlarge.

I've got a lot more beach pictures to post.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My body inspires poetry

After my recent 3-week cleanse, where I lost 4 pounds without really trying,  I dared, at last, to have a peek at my body in the bathroom mirror.
Even though I covered part of me with one hand and covered 82% of my eyes with the other, I still saw a flash of flesh. 
Completely unbidden, the following words came to me.

(sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean")
My belly is out of proportion,
My boobies hang down to my knees
My buttocks show signs of distortion,
I want my teen body back PLEASE.

Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my body to me, to MEEEEE
Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my body to ME!

My muffin top makes a tsunami,
whenever I shimmy or cough
I can't stand the visual whammy,
So next time I'll leave the lights OFF.

Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my body to me, to MEEEEE
Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my body to ME!

And how was YOUR day?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is this how they feel ALL THE TIME?

I'm a Canadian who was born in Vancouver, and a have been a BC resident all my life. I've never lived further than 20 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean, and always in sight of the Coast Mountains - here in south-western BC: truly the most beautiful place on earth.

I enjoyed the past few weeks more than I ever thought possible.  The Olympics, the athletes, volunteers and organisers have inspired me more than I can describe.

I feel so darned patriotic.  So proud and lucky to have been born and live in this great country.  The flag makes me happy; the national anthem makes my heart swell; and I think that the rest of the world must be jealous.  Everyone must want to live here now.  How could they not?
I want to wear red and white every day.  I want to tell everyone in bloggie land which country I come from, and I fully expect the congratulatory comments to come rolling in. (Tongue only partly in cheek)

This plethora of pervasive patriotic pride is a true delight;  it has seeped into my bones, filled my heart, and lightened my soul.
As I ponder this magical and unaccustomed glow a thought strikes me....

Is this how Americans feel ALL THE TIME?