Sunday, August 14, 2011

My children: One of each.

Here they are, my girl and my boy.  They've survived the sibling rivalries of childhood to become friends.  Both no longer living at home, they actually make the effort to get together and DO things.
With EACH OTHER (gasp)!

In spite of my attempts to raise them non-stereotypically, they seem to have fallen into place as a girly-girl, and a 'boys will be boys' boy.

Or so I thought.....

Wait a minute....Who's this?  My daughter and my...other daughter?

Ummmm, I've never seen him, er her, like this before...

He/she reminds me of someone...

Yep, that's my son.  All boy.
OK, OK, it was 'dress a man in drag' day at my daughter's school (Makeup Design for Film and Television, at Vancouver Film School), and her dear little brother offered to humiliate himself for the sake of her education. 

I guess it's OK that he was a girl for a day.
But, my girl, my real girl, well, she is ALL girl!  

Except on beard day.

Here she is with her beard application partner, posing outside the school.
Yep, I have two kids.  A girl and a boy.  One of each.