Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time for a change

Yep, you are (still) here!
I've changed the header photo.

Time for a bit more orange in my life, and a little less blue.
A bit more sherbet, and a little less poo.

A dish of ice-cream, a bowl of sauce,
some cleaner sneakers, a new lip gloss.

A tidy desk , a cleaner car,
a day perverse
and a night bizarre.

A frozen meatball, a jar of jam,
a life-sized toy-boy
carved from spam.

a new bird feeder, a guest
some afternoon tea,
or a Kafee Klatsch!

(did I spell that right?)

a breast augmentation,
some fat reduction,
a tummy tuck
after liposuction!

an enzyme peel, a bikini wax
an accountant's help
with my income tax.

a turkey wattle, a chicken gizzard,
some hot mcnuggets,
and a DQ blizzard

a step machine
to work my thighs
to heck with that,
a side of fries

Just had to end this with a rhyme
so here I go for one last time

Ok, that is enough I guess.
Can you tell there's nothing on TV tonight?
(and I'm a mess...)


Deb said...

Clever Kath. I enjoyed that! (Even though there's a vague whiff of desperation in there now and then....)

Von said...

What a wordsmith you are! :D

Kathryn said...

Awww Shucks Von. Thanks!....but I just didn't have any pictures to share and I felt the need to blog!
Kathryn : )