Saturday, July 4, 2009

Latest Chapter in the Saga

Hi all,

When we last left off I was about to tell you of my adventures of late. Kind of a catch-up thing.



Well OK - the handcuffs.

Dave and I were invited out to a customer's house for dinner. There was drinking involved.

(Not me - I can't handle it). Among other things, the customer (I'll call him Bobo) is an ex-RCMP officer.

He still has his handcuffs, which he was eager to show me. Suddenly they were ON me!

How amusing.

I did get them off, obviously, because he had also kept his key. Much later, Dave and I made a hasty exit (after lots of stories, dancing, singing, chanting - all on the part of our host).

Interesting evening. I won't go into more detail than that.
Next post: Camping!

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Deb said...

I think your faithful readership has been left, most disappointingly, hanging. You can't write about evenings spent with groups of people chanting and drinking, all the while hand-cuffed, without elaborating. This is far too intriguing for us to be left in the dark, unless of course, you worry that your shining reputation as a mother of Boy Scouts & Girl Guides, peerless muffin-maker, upstanding community citizen and fearless fielder of spare-parts queries might suffer if we knew the details.....