Thursday, June 25, 2009

Has it been over 2 weeks?

Oh dear - life happened. Since I last posted I've been camping (pictures to follow),
been in handcuffs (abridged story to follow), had a father's day supper at my house (not much to say - it went well), and have been doing the normal things: coping and moping,
gabbing and blabbing, washing and wearing, noshing and swearing, cooking and looking, tending and mending, wiping and griping, whiling and smiling, etc.
We're busy at work.
House is disheveled.
"Kids" in our life flit in and out, busy making their respective ways in life.
Humorous (to Dave and me) exchange with Gregg, our tall house guest, who has been keeping company with a young lady lately:
Me: (teasing) "Gregg, is that girl your girlfriend yet?"
Gregg: (Serious) "Not yet - we have to date for a while before I make an executive decision".
Me: (more teasing): I have a feeling it's not the executive who is making the decision!"
Dave :( jumping into the fray): No, it's the guy downstairs in the mail room! Bwaa haa haa!
Dave and I laugh uproariously...."Bwaa ha ha tee hee hee hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha...."
Gregg does not dignify Dave's comment with a response, but goes on with preparing to leave the house and visit the non-girlfriend.....
We have to tease Gregg - our other kids avoid us too much. Taryn comes over to visit every 2-3 weeks, and Tristan is busy with work/girlfriend/friends. Gregg, however flies in and out more often between work, practice, games, etc. He comes here for food and showers and teasing .
More later,
Kathryn : )


Christine said...

I'm puzzled (not unusual I know). He has to date her for a while before he decides if she's his girlfriend??? Doesn't the fact that they're dating automatically make her his girlfriend?

Kathryn said...

Apparently not! What do I know? I stopped dating in the 80's!
Kathryn : )

Deb said...

Hahahaha! Talk about non-committal! I enjoyed that.