Friday, May 8, 2009

The Front Counter

Hi all,
I know, I know - where's the stitchy post? I guess I'm just not getting any stitching done these days. What I am doing is working and surviving. I was trying to describe the front counter of our shop to a friend of mine. Well, a picture IS worth 1000 words, so here goes:

This is a shot of MY view of the front counter. Acting as customer is Bob, our mechanic. We love Bob. At any rate, you can see that the counter is rather, um, crowded. Computer, printer, phone, bank machine pinpad, parts, tools, papers, catalogs, pens, rolodex, junk, and more parts and more junk.

The customers barely have a spot to sign their credit card slips. Even if I clean it off, it's like this again the next day.

Here's a shot of the front counter from the customer's perspective. This is how we greet our valuable customers. Obstacle course, mess, sarcasm. They have a tiny spot to stand on, between parts and boxes of parts. They have rude and insulting messages to read, while they wait. I try to make up for it all by babbling away at them like the idiot I am. Oddly enough, most customers enjoy the messages written on the front counter. One guy read them and said he'd never be back, though. This was after he'd gotten excellent service and a good price on the part he needed. Some people are....sensitive. This is not the place for them.

I don't have a lot of say about the decor here. This is my husband's gig and I am just here to help. And help I do. I cringe, I hide, I apologise, I run around, I suck it in, I suck up, I smile, I chat. I make excuses for my husband's "brusque" manner. I explain about the broken bones, pain, wrecked knees, stress, economy, and why we can't afford to hire more employees. Urk.

Most people are fairly understanding and continue to come back to us. Some even appreciate the "honest" atmosphere. Nothing like a dose of brutal honesty to put a spark in one's day!

I'd better get back to work,

Kathryn : )


Von said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your workplace, Kathryn! I have a slight bit of understanding as while in high school I worked for a car dealership doing office work. It was interesting to see the contrast between the guys in new car sales and service/parts. To be honest, the service guys were more fun. :D

Anonymous said...

Your front counter has character, and almost everything else except for a nice clean spot to display your latest needlework done on pure white 40 count linen. ;) I can see endless opportunities for signs -- little ones, sideways ones, hanging ones -- the more clutter and things to read the better.
A from Alberta