Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comings and goings

I must not get this blog thing. No posts in days and then I post two in 15 minutes. It must have something to do with sitting down and unloading the camera. Is this normal? Am I? Don't answer that!

Dave is out of town, so I am somewhat adrift in a house with disappearing and re-appearing people of the male persuasion. First, of course, Dave disappeared to go camping/dirt-biking.

I returned home from work to find Gregg in the driveway washing his car, so we decided to go out for a late lunch. When we got home Tristan had appeared, from work. He showered and left to meet friends. Gregg left to go to b-ball practise. Homer, the cat, left to do cat things outside.

Tristan returned, got "stuff" and left again. Gregg returned from practise, showered, and left to go meet friends. Tristan returned, with friend in tow, and left his car here in order to walk over to another friend's place. In-between all this, Homer the cat returned and left numerous times.
Milo, the other cat, did not leave as he is not allowed out!
I made a cake and watched girly TV (a rare treat for me), and then went to bed.

Heard various noises of some people returning home (dragging Rock Band accessories down the hall), but went back to sleep. Did not hear if/when Gregg got home.

I awoke this morning and found EVIDENCE!
Exhibit one: all cars safely home and undamaged in the driveway. Looks like Gregg got home OK.
Exhibit 2: Gregg's B-ball shoes left outside to air out.

Exhibit 3: Rock Band accessories out in the family room. They weren't there when I went to bed!
This means Tris and Elias got home from the friend's place that they walked to...
Exhibit 4: Extra shoes....Tristan's friend Elias must have stayed overnight. Please disregard the filthy floor. This room is impossible to keep clean. It opens to the outside, to the garage, to the family room and to a powder room. It contains washer/dryer/spare fridge and freezer. It is a traffic nightmare!

Exhibit 5: Part of my cake is missing. At least, more is missing than was when I went to bed . Mmmm - quite good. French vanilla cake with lemon icing.
Exhibit 6: the only male who stayed home all evening. He looks bored.
I never did get a picture of Homer, the cat who comes in and goes out every 5 minutes.
Today I'm staying put, no matter what those other people do, to get some stitching done!
Kathryn ; )

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Von said...

It's totally normal to blog, then be away, come back, and cycle around again. :) But I don't believe you really stitch as you have not shown us any pictures at all, lol!