Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday morning drivel

Howdy y'all,

Just back from a little walk down at White Rock beach. I did NOT take my camera - boo hoo - but I will next time. Dave and I strolled the sea-wall walk, ventured out on to the pier, and then stopped for fish and chips at Moby Dick's! Dave said after that we'd had a week's worth of grease in one meal, but I said that the fish cancels it out.

Hockey playoffs are on TV today. I am just, this year, getting interested in watching hockey (in a sad effort to find some common ground with my boy, pathetic sap that I am), so we'll watch a little Vancouver Canucks vs. St Louis Blues hockey later. Go Canucks!

I have to post at least one picture just to perk things up: a wildflower I saw while on a camping trip last year. What is it? I don't know.

Happy Sunday!

Kathryn : )


Christine said...

Looks a bit like an orchid?

Connie Dunton said...

Kathryn my dear, I had no idea you had a blog until I saw your comment on Von's blog!!! LOL, I LOVE your picture! It's going to be nice to keep up with you a bit better as I don't really have the time to read all the VSC postings any more. I miss your stories!
Wishing the timing was better for Victoria, I'm going to miss being with you all!

Connie Dunton said...

Jack in the Pulpit. me thinks.

Lover of Life said...

A ladyslipper, maybe?