Sunday, August 14, 2011

My children: One of each.

Here they are, my girl and my boy.  They've survived the sibling rivalries of childhood to become friends.  Both no longer living at home, they actually make the effort to get together and DO things.
With EACH OTHER (gasp)!

In spite of my attempts to raise them non-stereotypically, they seem to have fallen into place as a girly-girl, and a 'boys will be boys' boy.

Or so I thought.....

Wait a minute....Who's this?  My daughter and my...other daughter?

Ummmm, I've never seen him, er her, like this before...

He/she reminds me of someone...

Yep, that's my son.  All boy.
OK, OK, it was 'dress a man in drag' day at my daughter's school (Makeup Design for Film and Television, at Vancouver Film School), and her dear little brother offered to humiliate himself for the sake of her education. 

I guess it's OK that he was a girl for a day.
But, my girl, my real girl, well, she is ALL girl!  

Except on beard day.

Here she is with her beard application partner, posing outside the school.
Yep, I have two kids.  A girl and a boy.  One of each.


DJan said...

Absolutely GREAT pictures. Yes, you definitely have one of each, sort of. :-)

Christine said...

Great pictures Kathryn, love the bearded lady!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Very cute!!! Come to think of it, my kids haven't socialized with each other without our involvement yet...I think I'll faint when that happens!!

Deborah said...

Laughed at your boy's transformation!!! Well done, Sis! He makes a decent-looking girl (well, more than just that) but there is no mistaking that there's a guy behind that artful exterior.
The pointy-finger shot is perfect. Should be framed and hung in the living room.

And I'm sorry to say that your girl just could not, ever, pass as a guy. Just not possible.

Kathryn said...

I am supposed to point out that he isn't supposed to look like a girl; he is supposed to look like a man in drag! She told me that if she were trying to make him look like a girl, she would have concealed the adam's apple, softened his features, more carefully covered his stubble, and not made him look so campy. Well!
Apparently, things like this matter - so now you know. Thank-you for your comments; I love reading them.

Friko said...

They are both very handsome.
I also looks as if both have inherited your sense of humour. Good for them.