Sunday, November 13, 2011

A bird in the hand

A bird in the hand...

 is recovering a bit

after being in the jaws of Homer the Hunter.

Yeah, you.


Christine said...

Bad Homer! Bad!
Hope the little bird is OK. We didn't find the last one Spike brought in (and hid) until it was quite unpleasant

DJan said...

How sad, although the cat is just doing what cats do. I hope the little bird recovered and flew away.

viv said...

Homer looks so innocent. What a sweet picture of the bird in the hand. I rescued a baby squirrel from the cat once and it was not easy to get her to loosen her grip.
Well done.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Ah, poor birdie!! But that's what cats do...

Deborah said...

So maybe Homer should be keeping Milo permanent company inside?

Nice rescue, Kath. The bird fared better than the hare that Noa got...

Friko said...

Did the bird survive? I sincerely hope so.
Still, you can't blame the cat. It's what cats do.

I was going to say unto you, Mrs. Kathryn, what a very sensible woman you are. Those questions of yours have made all the difference: as for the answer? No, a few of them, actually most of them, I don't truly like and I don't want to spend a lot of time with them anyway.
Things change as you go along and people change too. Perhaps that's what I am so sad about, that nothing is as it was.

Also, it is November, Christmas and its expectations is coming and I am far away from what was home; even that doesn't exist any more.

Ah well, too bad.

Just for being sensible and down-to-earth, I have signed in as a follower.


Kathryn said...

Yes! The bird lived! least long enough to fly away.

Viv, Homer is nothing if not obedient. Dave said, 'Drop it!', and Homer did.

Its an honour that you read me, let alone follow. I'm hardly ever sensible, but you struck a chord with your post.

diamondc said...

Homer: Dont do that. The bird would not do that to you.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Annz said... worth two in the bush. Probably my favourite saying of all time since I heard it once on an antique show.

Jocelyn said...

Cat's clearly a sociopath--not a glimmer of remorse in that steely gaze.