Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conversations with Customers

Telephone: Ring Ring!

Me (middle-aged world-weary wife of Motorcycle shop owner): SuperSport!

Customer: (young male, talking on cell phone while driving, arghhh) Hi,  I'm going down Fraser Highway, heading to Route 10.  Do I turn right or left?

Me: that would depend on which direction you're coming from.  Are you heading North or South?

Customer: Ummmm.....

Me: (slowly and clearly) are you heading for the mountains or the States?

Customer: (pause, then triumphantly) the States!

Me: OK, you're heading south.  When you get to Route 10, turn East.

Customer: so....right or left?

Me: East would be towards Ontario, and West would be towards the ocean. So....?

Customer: so drive towards Ontario?

Me: Yes, but stop a few thousand miles before you get there.

Customer: (totally missing my pithy humour) Ok, are you on the right or left on Route 10?

Me: We're on the North side.  That would be towards the mountains! 

Customer: Ummm. OK, I'm almost there.

Me: What are you hoping to find once you get here?  Which part do you need?

Customer:  I have a 1998 blah blah blah (name of motorcycle) and I need a side cover.

Me: right or left?

Customer: when I'm facing the bike or sitting on the bike?

Me: There is only one left and one right on a motorcycle.  Does your left hand change to your right hand if your friend is sitting on your shoulders and then he gets off to look at you?

Customer: (long pause, deep thought)

Me: so which sidecover do you need?

Customer: Ummmm....North?


Christine said...

ROFL! Kathryn you are cruel and wicked woman ;D

Kathryn said...

Thank-you Christine! It's a skill I cultivate, after having had similar conversations at least once a week, for years and years....

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

OH, boy...remind me not to ask for directions from you!;) I'm a right or left turn kind of gal myself!

Deborah said...

It's clear to me that you take your revenge on every unsuspecting customer you can. But revenge for what? I can probably guess.

Heidi-"Heidi in Real Life" said...

That's a hilarious scenario--it happens all the time! Glad you're back--I've been checking since January, but no "You are Here!" updates.

Holly said...

Just gotta wonder about some people ... of course, some times I am one of those "some people".
Really enjoyed wandering around your blog .. found my way here from "A Majority of Two".

broken biro said...

Haha! I can sympathise with the guy, having little sense of direction myself. My friend had to teach her (naval officer) husband to drive using 'port' and 'starboard'!