Sunday, July 4, 2010

A trade-off

I need to exercise.

I am a bit overweight, and there are a few nasty diseases that run in my family.  This year I turn 50, and the biggest gift I can give to myself is to improve my health.  I have already started to eat better, and am making good, 'tho not perfect, progress on that front.
I know all the great reasons to exercise (here's a partial list), and I know that it IS possible to find an extra 1/2 to 1 hour a day if I really try.  Right now I spend too much time on the computer, and too much time watching TV.  WAY too much.  I love my TV shows, and I love my e-mail friends, and I love the blog world.  BUT, those things are sedentary.
So here's the trade-off: It's time to spend less time on my butt, and more time on my feet!

Are any of you on this same path?  Are you further ahead?  Would you like to join in?  Have you tried and failed/tried and succeeded? Do you find it ironic that I'm blogging about this (as opposed to just doing it?)

I'm not about to turn this into a fitness blog.  It's just a reflection of where I am on my journey...and I'm interested to know where you are on your journey!

Incidentally, if any of you have a story to share, involving slightly chubby, sedentary, 50-year-old women who have managed to get fit, I would really like to hear it.
Come to think of it, any motivational story will do.
Really, anything.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Hi, Kathryn,

Yes, I have the same problem...I should exercise more too!! It does help that I have a dog that likes her least, it's better than no exercise at all.

I too like my tv alleviate the guilt there, I knit...does that count as sure...

Friko said...

Motivational stories? No, can't do that.
If you want it enough you'll do t anyway. like giving up smoking. When i really wanted to ive up, i did. Just like that.
Get out and start walking. or go up and down the stairs a few times more. Big gym efforts don't work. You'll do them for a few weeks, then you'll give up.
GET OUT AND START WALKING, I'm sure they've heard of walking in Canada?

How do you know Deborah? She's a bully.

Friko said...

what happened to my first letters to it and give?

DJan said...

Well, I can't talk about being fifty any more, because that was almost two decades ago. I was able to work exercise into my life at fifty by exercising on my lunch hour at work, which may or may not work for you.

The other thing about losing weight, in my experience, is to try just one little thing, like staying away from all complex carbs and getting sugar out of your diet. It takes some getting used to, but it helps. If you start reading labels you'll probably find you've been eating quite a bit of sugars. I stay away from them myself and it sure has helped.

Kathryn said...

I think that doing anything while sitting is a lot better than doing nothing but watching TV. So, knitting counts! (but the walks are good).

Friko, You're right - the all-or-nothing approach does not work. now I need to try, try again.
Deborah and my husband are double cousins. Their mothers are sisters and their fathers are brothers. She's my cousin-in-law, but more than that. Bully? Ha!
Was she the one who sent you that card?

When I'm "ON" my diet I don't eat sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine or alcohol. It works pretty well for me, but hard to do all the time. Its the exersize that I need to ramp up. that being said, I got all red and huffy on the ellipse machine today. Progress!

Deborah said...

Just checking in here - damn good thing I came after Friko. First time I've been called a bully!

(although perhaps things synonymous with that. Assertive? Control freak?)

Anyway, I can't give you motivational stuff, Kath. I have problems with getting enough exercise too, believe it or not. I agree with Friko that you just have to incorporate it into your daily life. My brother just stopped taking second helpings and dropped quite a lot. I have to watch out for those encores in France.

But I know you can do it!! Will Dagmar go swimming? Will you go swimming? How fast do you walk with her? Can you just do a few laps of your neighbourhood every day?

I'll shut up now, not being very helpful. I. Know. You. Can. Do. It.