Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At Last ! - a stitchy post !!!

Hi all,

I finally got back two pieces I finished. These are for......my mom and dad! (Nothing like stating the obvious).

A little late for Mother's Day, and a little early for Father's Day. So typical of me - never doing things at the right time.

I forgot to take pictures of them before framing, so here are the finished products only. Just plain cross stitch, but at least I finished something. Well, two somethings.

Yes, the mats are different, but each one was just the right colour for it's respective stitching, so I had to go with the "marbled" mat for Dad's piece, and the plain mat for Mom's. For all I know they'll hang them in separate rooms anyway.

But...just in case they decide to hang them together I chose the same colour for the frame and inner mat. So - they are kinda different, but kinda the same too. It was hard to get good shots without the glass reflecting.

Thanks for looking!
Kathryn : )


Christine said...

They look great Kathryn, I'm sure they'll love them

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wonderful stitching, Kathryn!!

And, yes, sometimes you do need to state the obvious...lol...remember I worked at Disneyland for 15 years...

Von said...

Very sweet designs, Kathryn! Your parents will be delighted. :)

Robbin said...


I haven't had time to read your blog before but I just wanted to say, I LOVE these pieces and I hope your parents do too. Now I think I need ot find them and think of stitching them at some point -- I KNOW my parents would like them.