Friday, December 16, 2011

Fathers and Sons

Talk about the 'world in a grain of sand'.  Did Blake have a son?


We had occasion to have our son in the car with us when we had to stop and pick up a few groceries.
He doesn't live at home any more and we miss doing things for him.

Dad to son: This won't take long. If you need some groceries for yourself, I'll pay for them.
Son: OK dad. Cool!

Shopping starts.  We grab cart, son grabs hand basket.  I confer with husband over bananas and squash; son goes his own way.

We go down one aisle; we see son scooting down another, items accumulating in his basket.

Nearing the end now - our cart half full, son's basket full.

Dad peers into son's basket.

Dad: Hey that peanut butter's full of sugar.  How about you put that back and get the natural one without all the added crap?

Son: Well dad, how about I pay for my own groceries and then I can get what I want?

A few seconds pass.  I look at these two, who are really quite alike.  Dad 50, and son 21. Both kind, reasonable men.
They look at each other. No antagonism - just measuring, assessing. Looking.
Eternity in an hour.

Dad:  Well, how about you get what you want, and I'll still pay for it?

Son: (Smiling) OK dad.  Let's go then.

Me: *smiling*.  We go.


DJan said...

Dad was right, but he was smart enough to realize when to cave. Excellent post, I really enjoyed it. :-)

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

LOL...wonderful story!

Christine said...

High Noon in The Grocery Store! Sounds like you could have cut the testosterone with a knife
Glad they didn't decide to settle it with a peanut butter hurling contest

Deborah said...

Wonderful D & T vignette. This is why I love my cousin. Well, one of the reasons why.

Deborah said...

And why is it that boys/men are so much better able just to be straight, without all the emotional nonsense. Maybe we females could do with more testosterone or seomthing.

viv said...

It is great how men settle things and go on. Love 'em.