Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trip report - Part 5 - The Wickaninnish Inn

Gosh - I've managed to make the report longer than the actual trip.  Oh well, It's nice to relive it all.
On the last trip post we had just seen the road sign for Tofino, and a Tsunami Evacuation route sign.
We turned toward Tofino and soon saw another sign:
Leaving Tsunami Hazard Zone.  Good!

A few more minutes of driving and we finally reached our destination - The Wickaninnish Inn.

What can I say, other than fabulous!  EVERYTHING was wonderful, from the setting, the staff, our room, the view, the food , the service...simply amazing.  I've only been home a short time, and I would go back again in a heartbeat.  Twisty highway and all.

I took pictures of almost everything, so prepare yourself.

Beautiful hand-carved doors between the hand-adzed pillars.

Our room had a forest and ocean view.    A staff member from the front desk escorted us to the room and showed us all the amenities. 

A welcome letter from the manager, with a complimentary fruit plate.

The balcony: behind the deck chairs you can see the bathroom with two-person soaker tub.  Heavenly.

The view of the stormy seas, from our balcony.  The sound of the surf is amazing.  Powerful and soothing all at once.

Command central - the desk in our room, with all the usual stuff,  plus snack basket, wireless AND wired internet connection,  mini-bar, and a hand-crafted driftwood chair.  My laptop slept here.

Complimentary raingear to borrow.  Call the front desk with your shoe size and they'll deliver gumboots to the room!

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  The usual stuff, but the coffee maker was the kind that takes those little pods - what fun! - and there were REAL creamers in the mini-bar, and the tea was definitely a step above generic orange pekoe. (I am so easily impressed it's ridiculous, but little things matter.  They matter!) 
If you manage to drink it all they'll bring you more.  No problemo! 

On the fireplace mantle: Books on local flora and fauna, a guestbook, and binoculars to borrow.

Once again, the two-person jetted tub - this time from the inside looking out. (I was going to say two-man jetted tub, but that wasn't quite accurate in our case.  Not there's anything wrong with that...)

More bathroomy stuff: The best make-up mirror in the world, a hand-crafted wooden box of cotton swabs and pads, nifty shampoo and conditioner type stuff, and, lest your eyes be assaulted by the site of jarring technology, a hair-dryer nicely bundled away in a cotton drawstring bag.  It's another little thing, but who wants to see something plastic in amongst all the wood and glass and ceramic loveliness? 
Not I.

One thing I forgot to take a picture of:  In the bedside table is an alarm clock with a CD player.  Underneath is a  drawer with a CD holder, and 10 CDs of various Canadian artists.  One of them is playing softly as you re-enter your room just before bedtime.

As you take in the aural delight, you notice that your bed has been turned down, and that your robes have been placed side by side, holding "hands" with their sleeves and intertwined belts. Oh my!  I felt like I had walked in on Robeo and Juliet!

One more thing before lights out.  Someone has carefully place two bottles of water on the bedside table. They anchor a small card with next day's sunrise and sunset times, the predicted high and low temperatures and the high and low tide times.  Tomorrow's weather is highlighted.

I am in love with the Wickaninnish Inn. be continued


Von said...

Kathryn, I'm totally bowled over by this place! You're right, little things matter, but the Wickaninnish has both the big and the little things down to an art.

Christine said...

Wow, that place is amazing!

Deborah said...

Oh! Oh! The hand-holding robes!!
That's it. We have to go there!
No, no, not you and me and don't be upset. I love you Kath, but I'd prefer to go there with my fav Belgian.
A friend from over here was telling me about her time at the W. Inn a few years ago. It obviously made a huge impression on her and I can see why. Wouldn't it be fun to set up a place like that, thinking of all those little touches and making everything just right!! But then you'd have to deal with demanding guests after that. With size 14 feet, for instance. Oh well. Very enjoyable to read (and see) what this was all about.

Annie said...

Incredible! It's such a beautiful place!

deck chairs said...

I have just found your blog and have spent my evening reading about your trips - they are really interesting.

I have bookmarked your site and will be coming back often for updates.

I will be sitting on my patio, relaxing in a deckchair and reading all about your travels.

Jo said...

The Wickaninnish Inn is