Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random Happiness

This is the limbo between Christmas and the New Year.
For me, days of rest, relaxation and resolve. The most guilt-free days of the year, between the cyclone of Christmas, and the New Year, new goals and the advent of our busy season at work. Good intentions and unpredictable results.
One of the good intentions involves seizing the day and living in the moment. Finding happiness lying on the ground, picking it up and squeezing the poop out of it. Simple pleasures, fleeting moments. Bright and sharp and clear.
Some random things that make me happy:

A varied thrush eating a leftover baked potato. Cold. With snow on it. Probably the first potato he ever had in his life. Wonder what he thought of that?

A bevy of bushtits (love that name) decimating the suet block. Such flighty things, travelling in chittering clumps. Here and gone.

My daughter and mother wearing the scarves I made for them.

...and my son, and daughter's boyfriend wearing THEIR scarves...

...and my brother and father wearing THEIR scarves....

....and my husband wearing HIS scarf - the one I fudged a bit because it was my first one, and he said he'd have it so I could give the better ones to the rest of the gang. He's like that.

...and finally locating our missing cat. Half-way up the 10-foot Christmas tree. All 20 pounds of him. Just chillin' and thinking cat thoughts.
Happiness appears in the oddest places. Grab it and hold it tight, just for a moment!
Kathryn : )


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, so neat to see everyone wearing your creations!! I should know since I experienced the same elation of everyone enjoying my gifties...whew!

Christine said...

LOL at the cat up the Christmas tree. Do you think he's looking for birds?
Great job on the scarves

gfak40 said...

My sister turned me on to your blog. Great stuff, you definitely have a knack for this. I’ll have to lose some productivity by going through some of your earlier posts. Keep them coming! gfak40

Deborah said...

Nice scarves, Kath! And you made so many! Everybody looks pretty happy with them - I would be too!
Damn, it's hard to say things like that without using exclamation marks.
Glad to see that you're relaxing and taking some time out from everything, including worrying, I hope. Love,Deb

Anonymous said...

love Milo, love the scarves, love the seize the day.

Jo said...

What a gorgeous family you have...!

"Happiness appears in the oddest places. Grab it and hold it tight, just for a moment!" That's a wonderful philosophy.


Annz said...

I particularly enjoy Tristan's use of the scarf. Extremely fashionable, but still straight stylish. Well done little cousin.