Thursday, September 24, 2009

A trip to London Drugs

Call it a shopping trip, call it impulse buying, call it retail therapy, call it what you like. I went to London Drugs today while Dave was at the dentist.....heh heh heh. Another Canadian retail gem, it fills in some of the gaps left by my beloved Canadian Tire, because as much as I love Crappy Tire, one cannot buy prescription drugs nor skincare products there. At least, if you can, I haven't found that aisle.

So, off to LD to buy some hairpoo and other items. I got a bit carried away due to the fact that I had a basket over my arm and stuff kept jumping into it. Not my fault. Anyhoo, the first thing that jumped in was this Joico Hairpoo. HEAVY!

Not only is it one big mama of a hairpoo bottle, it also helps with one's balance. Says so right on the bottle, and here it is balancing on the fencepost so I can take it's picture. Here's a closeup! Isn't it talented?

After that I found the hairpoo I REALLY wanted, this pantene super volume stuff, because I've been noticing a lot of hair ripping falling out lately, so I've decided that I need to make the most of what remains. Here are my new pantene twins, and I hope they puff up my hair like botox-y lips, for that sexy tousled look we all want at all times.

Here are the twins. May they serve me well! Oh dear....a sudden, scary thought. Does this stuff plump up ALL the hair on one's body? Hmmm....This could lead to a bit of a 'fro below....
(if it does I'll let you know!) No I won't.
(So much for that wispy new underwear I just bought).

Ahem! Now on to some skin stuff:

I bought this Aveeno hand cream stuff because I saw a positive review of it in a QUILTING magazine, and I am currently in training to become a QUILTER and have bought all the stuff, so now I feel that I must have the handcream of a quilter, as well. Makes sense, no? Besides, I like the name. Aveeno, aveeno, aveeno. Ah-VEEEEE-no!
Then I saw this cool body wash stuff, so I threw that in the basket too.

Then I saw.... DAVE? Dave got out of the dentist and came into LD, so I had to run away down the aisle and around the corner so he wouldn't see me (and stop me). So much for more Aveeno.

Around the corner from the Aveeno aisle is the hand soap section. I hurriedly grabbed an olive-leaf scented pump bottle and scurried around back to the skincare aisle. I caught sight of Dave looking for me, but dropped to the floor and rolled behind a display of hot water bottles, where I waited until he passed. I saw him pressing buttons on his cell phone, so I quickly turned mine off!

As I got to my feet I found myself face to face with the Oil of Olay section. Interpreting this as a divine message from above I grabbed a bottle of Olay Total Effects (7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, plus 'Touch of Sun') and thought, "What the heck, you only live once (but look like you've lived 8 times by the time you're done). I am ready for anti-aging. Bring it on! De-wrinklify me! Puff up the rest of me to match my hair!"

Suddenly I heard Dave approaching again, so quickly dove behind a tower of Depends (unlike the Oil of Olay, I refuse to interpret THIS as a message from above. Not ready for Depends yet. ) until he passed. Crawling under his radar, I rounded another aisle. I found myself right in front of a new product I've been wanting to try: Tetley Tea Infusions. Here it is, and I see I've accidentally intentionally photographed the French side, because here in Canada we are all bilingual, which means we all have two lips, and therefore can sip some of this Tetley Tea Infusions through a straw. I'm so glad I'm bilingual. Oh Canada, bien agiter!

OK, enough pictures of my shameless consumerism. Dave eventually caught me in the Premature Halloween Candy aisle, where I was trying to open up prevent a bag of Tootsie rolls from jumping in to my basket. Failed.
He added some batteries and a new water bottle, and we headed for the checkout.
As we left LD, Dave turned to me with suspicion love in his eyes. "Isn't your phone turned on?", he said.
"Honey", I said, "Never mind the phone. I bought this new Pantene stuff and can't wait to try it...."
Kathryn : )


Deborah said...

LOL!!!!! This is like a fix for a junkie - and three this week!!!

I wanna know if the hair-plumper works.

Annz said...

My favourite part was the bilingual tea, definitely. And ninja moves in the drug store.